Joe & Jill Biden’s Daughter Ashley Confirms This Long-Rumored Detail About Trump Transition

Ashley Biden has stayed largely out of the spotlight as her parents, President-Elect Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden, campaigned for his presidency.

However, Ashley made an appearance on the Today show on Tuesday (January 19), one day before the inauguration, and confirmed a long-standing rumor. It has been rumored that Dr. Biden had not heard from Melania Trump to uphold a longstanding tradition.

It is tradition for the outgoing First Lady to do a walk through of the White House residence and have tea with the new, incoming First Lady as they transition to new presidencies.

“Has your mom heard from Melania Trump about doing the traditional protocols?” Jenna Bush Hager asked.

“No, I don’t think they’re doing the traditional protocol, which is unfortunate,” Ashley said. “But I think we’re all OK with it.”

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