Jordyn Woods Spotted Dancing With Khloé Kardashian’s Ex James Harden — But It’s Not What Yo

Jordyn Woods is making headlines again for all the wrong reasons — at least, it seems that way as far as Khloé Kardashian is probably concerned!

Kylie Jenner‘s former BFF has been going through it the last few months, but apparently she’s down for even MORE scrutiny from the KarJenner clan, because she’s going after leftovers once again! That’s right: James Harden has entered the picture here… sort of!

According to TMZ, Jordyn was spotted in Houston on Wednesday night smoking hookah and dancing in a club alongside the NBA star — AKA Khloé’s infamous ex — while even going so far as to “cozy up in the same booth.” A source at the club even relayed how “at one point, Jordyn stood up and danced in front of while taking a hookah hit.”


The athlete, of course, has previously been linked to Khloé, though these are definitely different circumstances than when Tristan Thompson and Woods allegedly got after it one night in an apparent post-clubbing makeout session behind the KUWTK star’s back!

So, does that mean Jordy is at it again now, chasing clout off the Good American founder’s famous exes once more?!

Well… not so fast!

Despite raising our eyebrows (and our blood pressure) with the report about Jordyn and James being together in the club, TMZ is also reporting the pair “isn’t anything more than two people with mutual friends who happened to run into each other at a bar.”

In other words, there’s apparently “nothing brewing” romantically between Woods and Harden at this point, according to sources in the know. Jordyn didn’t arrive at the club or leave it with the pro basketball player, and she “hardly” spent any time with him inside, either.

Per sources close to the situation, she was just there trying to have a good time and it just so happened that good time took place near Harden. His crew is reportedly “friends with some of her gal pals,” and things just took off from there. Hmmm… OK then.

Obviously call us a little skeptical about that if only because we’re still on edge from the whole Tristan drama, but if there’s nothing between Woods and Harden, well, fine. Still… probably not exactly the kind of headlines the model was hoping to make this close to the Thompson-Kardashian reality TV fallout, ya know?!

Whatever it takes to stay in the news, we suppose!

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