Kerry Washington’s Color-Coordinated Bookshelves Are On Display for ‘Together at Home’

Kerry Washington was one of the many guests who were featured on the One World: Together at Home special and something that people noticed was that her bookshelves were color-coordinated!

The Emmy-nominated actress filmed a segment for the special from her home and it looks like she might be in an office or den. The bookcase behind her has shelves for blue books, yellow books, and red books.

Kerry delivered an important message about maintaining your mental and emotional wellbeing during this challenging time.

“I want to start by saying thank to you to our essential frontline workers who are risking everything to keep us safe,” Kerry said. “Those of us who are able to practice social distancing and stay home, we are in a very fortunate position and it is in no small part thanks to you. And also, no matter who you are and what circumstances you are facing, these are challenging times.”

“Even if you are staying home with family or by yourself, we are all struggling with different emotions. Practicing social distancing is critical, but we also need to consider how isolation may affect our mental and emotional wellbeing,” Kerry continued. “So, whether you are at home or on the frontline, if you’re worried about how this unprecedented time is going to impact your mental and emotional wellbeing, you are not alone.”

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