Kesha Reveals How to Actually Pronounce Her Name (And Her Mom Provides the Backstory!)

Kesha is clarifying the pronunciation of her name.

The 34-year-old “TikTok” superstar posted a TikTok on Monday (April 26) addressing a popular question about how people mispronounce each other’s names.

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“My name is Keshakeh-shuh, not Keisha, not ketchup. Kesha,” she said in the clip.

At the same time, her mom Pebe Sebert answered a fan question about picking the name Kesha on TikTok.

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“The name Kesha is actually a Hungarian family name that Lagan would have been named if he had been a girl. But since he wasn’t, the name is actually pronounced ke-tuh-cha in Hungarian, and so I decided to make it easier and to make it Kesha, and that’s where Kesha came from.”

There was also an update regarding her ongoing legal battle.

##stitch with @mahoganylox Not ketchup!

♬ original sound – Kesha


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