Kevin Costner Divorce, Christine Denies Actor's Friend is Her Boyfriend

Christine Baumgartner says Kevin Costner‘s got it all wrong, the man who gave her $20k — who also happens to be friends with Kevin — is not her boyfriend.

Christine testified during Thursday’s divorce hearing in Santa Barbara and got into her July trip to Hawaii, where she was photographed with Josh Connor.

As we reported, Josh is a longtime friend of both Kevin and Christine, and sources close to Josh and Christine told us they were not dating.

She backed that up on the stand, saying point blank Josh is not her BF — and added that  while in Hawaii, she shared a room with a longtime female best friend.

TMZ broke the story … Kevin referenced Christine getting $20,000 from “her boyfriend” … and Christine did testify that Josh gave her that sum because she was worried about money. She tearfully said she gave $10k to her mother, and eventually returned the other $10k back to Josh.

She also discussed the $40k/month Montecito rental she’s moving into Friday. Her attorney asked how close it is to the water, and Christine said, “You can’t walk there with a surfboard.”

As we first reported, Christine groused in documents, that the rental home is on the mountain side of the freeway with no scenic view or beachfront access. She testified she’s only renting it for 6 months because she doesn’t know what the outcome will be of the divorce.

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