King Charles likely wont strip the Sussexes of their titles: It would be too petty

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex take no money from the British taxpayers. They have a lease on Frogmore Cottage, which they pay full price for, and they “paid back” the renovation costs for that dilapidated shack even though it belongs to the Crown. Their clothes are not paid for by Charles or the Duchy of Cornwall. They agreed to not use their HRHs, nor brand anything commercially with “royal.” They live in Montecito, they make their own money and the only thing they still “have” from the Windsors is the Sussex titles given to them by Queen Elizabeth. That’s Meghan’s married name! And the braying British media is in a constant state of fury because Meghan still retains… her married name. Ahead of the premiere of Harry & Meghan Vol. 2, there’s once again a conversation about the Sussexes being “stripped” of their titles. Sources tell Page Six that King Charles won’t do it.

No matter how tense things get — and what ends up alleged in Thursday’s second installment of the Netflix docuseries “Harry & Meghan” — King Charles is very unlikely to ever strip the Sussexes of their titles, royal insiders say.

However, one palace source told Page Six: “Stripping their title is not something the king would likely ever consider … mostly because it would be too petty and punitive.”

Plus, the source added, “It would only lead to the Sussexes claiming that it was a retaliatory action and proof they were never wanted in the royal family.”

[From Page Six]

We’ve heard versions of this before, that it’s not that Charles has any particular warmth and familial devotion towards his son and daughter-in-law, it’s that Charles thinks he would look bad if he did it. Considering Charles IS a petty, devious, punitive and retaliatory man, I would assume that title-removal is still on the table, as is the title-removal for Harry’s children. But as other sources have said previously, if it happens, it probably won’t happen until next year, after Charles’s coronation.

Meanwhile, Katie Nicholl had another Vanity Fair piece ahead of the Netflix premiere, where she actually wrote these words with a straight face: “Viewers will have to wait and see what evidence, if any, Harry and Meghan have to support their serious allegations that the palace worked against them in order to protect Prince William and Kate Middleton.” Nicholl has literally gotten briefed by the Middletons for YEARS, including briefings from Kate and Carole. Nicholl has long been a recipient of William & Kate’s briefings against other people, including the Sussexes. She also writes about the first time Harry and William had a big fallout, and how it was about Harry getting heat for something William was doing too (partying at a bar). Harry was pissed at William for a while and Charles’s staff had to force the brothers to make peace. The point of the story is that William and Harry were always fighting about the same thing: Harry being used as cover for William, and now Harry refuses to play that game.

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