Kourtney Kardashian's Fans Are Worried She's Having a Mid-Life Crisis

Season 18 of  Keeping Up With the Kardashians has been nothing short of eventful since its premiere. For some time, viewers have been watching the sibling drama unfold between Kim Kardashian West, Kourtney Kardashian, and Khloé Kardashian. In the early seasons, Kourtney and Khloe were two peas in a pod, often banding together against Kim. 

They even filmed their own spinoff series, Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami, that followed the sisters around Miami while they got their boutique clothing store DASH up and running. Currently, Kourtney and Khloe have hit a rough patch, and fans are worried that Kourtney is going through something big.

Kourtney’s history with her sisters

In recent years, Kim and Khloé have become a strong suit. For Kourtney, that means she is the one who is usually the one they are against. The constant competition, sibling rivalry, and miscommunication have led to some pretty big fights. 

Kim once beat Khloe with her purse over a comment made about Kim buying a Bentley in 2008, but it was nothing compared to the altercation that was aired recently, featuring Kim and Kourtney. 

The mother of three, and Poosh owner, seems to be unable to escape the constant questions from her sisters about her work ethic. If you have been a fan of the show since season 1, you know that when Kourtney had Mason she dove into motherhood. Beginning with breastfeeding, Kourtney started to change her lifestyle habits to create a suitable world for her and Scott Disick’s son, Mason. Mason’s birth happened before the Kar-Jenner clan became the sensation they are known as today. 

At the same time Kourtney became a mother, her younger sisters Kim and Khloé were childless and able to continue devoting their time to their careers. Kourtney was having problems with Disick, and she had no choice but to put her children before her career because he was such a wildcard. Since then, Kourtney and Disick have come a long way.

Thanks to all of these hardships, Kourtney has had a different outlook on life than her sisters for a long time. In 2018, viewers saw what could easily be considered the beginning of the current turmoil when Kourtney and Kim got into a screaming match over the highly anticipated Kardashian holiday Christmas card. Kim famously yells at her older sister that it does not matter if she (Kourtney) is on the holiday card because she is the “least exciting to look at.”

The fight between Kim and Kourtney

Since Chrismas card blowup, the sisters have openly shamed Kourtney for not having a good work ethic. Kourtney constantly has to defend herself by reminding her family that she is a mother first, and a businesswoman later. This drama is what led us to the most recent fight between the sisters.

After getting into a verbal argument with Kim, Kourtney decides she has had enough and attacks her sister. At first, it looks like Kourtney is only throwing a small item she had in her hand, but after standing up, Kourtney lunges for Kim, who was sitting, and takes Kim to the floor. The sisters struggle on one another, both swinging now.

When the fight seems like it is over, Kim runs after Kourtney and slaps her. Kourtney begins hitting back, and Khloé tries to separate her sisters. Kim angrily walks out of the room, with bloody scratches all over her arm, back and neck. Khloé tries to talk to Kourtney, but begins by taking Kim’s side, which upsets Kourtney even more. 

How Kris Jenner has played a part in the drama

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Fans may actually remember that it used to be Kim Kardashian West’s work ethic that was called into question, as all three sisters owned the DASH boutiques, but only Kourtney and Khloé were managing them. Kim was usually off with their mother, Kris Jenner, who was busy at the time building the empire Kardashian-West has today. 

After Kourtney is gone, Khloé and Kim call their mother, who had one too many drinks to care. She points out in her video diary on the show that her only focus is on whether or not beauty mogul Kylie will be able to make it to Paris for Fashion Week. Kylie was ill and could not board her plane. Kim did an interview with Jimmy Fallon after the episode aired, and we found out that when their mother saw the clip, she cried. 

Kendall and fans react to the fight

Kendall Jenner has a theory about why her sister Kourtney might be acting so fiercely. Jenner thinks her oldest sister may not have ever dealt with her feelings surrounding her breakup with the father of her children, Scott Disick. 

Fans have commented on Kendall’s theory, and many agree. One fan went as far as saying she does not think Kourtney ever dealt with her breakup, and it may be hard for Kourtney to see Scott in a committed relationship as the man that she probably always wanted him to be.

Other theories have been that Kourtney is jealous of her sisters’ fame and wealth, or that she is having a mid-life crisis, for lack of a better term. One common denominator in all of this has been the fans outpouring support for Kourtney during this time when she seems to need it the most. 

The plot twist after the fight

The feud between Kim and Kourtney was brushed under the rug after about an hour-long phone call, according to Kim. During their conversation, Kourtney told Kim that it was never even really Kim that she was mad at in the first place: it was Khloé. 

As mentioned above, Kourtney and Khloé were once the best of friends, but somehow they seem to have grown apart. Kourtney feels like Khloé never has her back anymore, and she is not used to that like she is when it comes to Kim, whom she has always had trouble seeing eye to eye with. 

Khloé was not OK with Kourtney verbalizing that the real issue was between them. Khloé arranged for a meeting between all three of the Kardashian sisters, and their longtime family friends Khadijah and Malika Haqq (as much needed buffers). 

Sadly, the meeting was “unproductive” according to Khloe. 

The results? Kourtney took a step back from the show

The oldest Kardashian has made the huge decision to take a step back from filming future episodes of KUWTK. She only wants to share certain parts of her life and will pick and choose what those parts are.

She plans on focusing on her children, and her company Poosh, instead. Kourtney has invested a lot of her time in getting Poosh to take off, and she is extremely passionate about clean living. We wish her the best of luck in finding her inner joy again. 

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