Kristin Cavallari Talks Going On 'A Million First Dates' – Including With A Celeb Her Kids Wanted To Meet!

Kristin Cavallari is on the dating scene! But it doesn’t sound like it’s going very well… unless you’re her starstruck kids, we guess!

In a new interview with US Weekly on Wednesday, the 36-year-old Laguna Beach alum dished about how dating has been going for her since her divorce, admitting:

“I’m dating. I’ve gone through phases of going on a million first dates, and I’ve gone through phases where I’m not dating at all. At the moment, it’s not my priority, but I’m open to it.”

So many first dates… definitely doesn’t sound like it’s going well. Especially if it’s no longer a priority!

The interviewer pushed the Uncommon James founder on what avenues she was using to find guys, and — unsurprisingly — it sounds like she’s a bit picky! For instance She’d rather have that old-fashioned “passion and fire” rather than the cold numbers approach of a dating app:

“Everyone tells me to get on the apps, but someone can be amazing on paper, and you meet them, and they’re a dud, or you just have nothing in common. I want that passion and fire. I feel like if it’s meant to be, he’ll find me. I don’t know where, because I hardly ever leave my house! Hopefully it will happen at the grocery store.”

It’s certainly a romantic idea, eyes locking from across the frozen foods section. But is she making things harder on herself? She won’t even let herself get set up on dates by friends anymore! She explained:

“Listen, I’ve tried every avenue. I hate being set up by friends because I hate having to say, ‘I just wasn’t into them.’ I feel bad.”

Yeah, makes sense.

As far as why she’s so picky, well… The Hills alum’s kiddos — Saylor, 7, Jaxon, 9, and Camden, 11 — have a lot to do with raising her standards:

“I’ll go on a first date with someone and sit there thinking, ‘Could you be a stepfather to my children?’ And then I’m like, ‘No, you suck.’ The good thing is I’m not going to waste my time. I have really high standards now because of my kids.”

The MTV star is always sure to keep her children up-to-date with her dating life, though. She even recalled one instance recently where she dated a celebrity that her kids liked — and it sounds like she only did it so they could meet the guy:

“They met one person once because they were a fan of his. They asked me to go out with him when they were with me so that they could meet him. I’m very open with them; they know what’s going on in my love life and who I’m talking to. And they have strong opinions! I haven’t found someone who’s special enough to be around them yet.”

You know what? You keep your standards up, gurl! You don’t need to settle, you’re Kristin effin Cavallari!

We just have to know who this guy was that her kids wanted to meet tho! Considering the age of her boys, we’re going to guess superhero… Or maybe athlete? Hmm…

Do YOU have any ideas, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF (below)!

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