Lance Bass Wants To Lock Up Rights To 'Dirty Pop' After *NSYNC Reunion

Lance bass

Lance Bass might be looking to make some big business moves on the heels of the massive *NSYNC reunion … by using one of the boy band’s most famous phrases.

According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Lance wants to trademark the phrase “Dirty Pop” and slap it on a bunch of junk food … like candy, chocolate and flavored popcorn.

Of course, the phrase is the opening line in *NSYNC’s smash hit from way back in the day, “Pop”

The boy band reunited Tuesday for the first time in a decade, presenting an award at the MTV VMAs … and fans have been going nuts ever since, so it seems like a perfect time for Lance and the guys to cash in.

The docs show Lance is also looking to trademark “Boy Band Wars” … indicating he may want to use it for a potential TV series!!!

The guys are already capitalizing on all the *NSYNC buzz now that they are once again front and center in Hollywood … rolling out a new single for Justin Timberlake‘s upcoming ‘Trolls’ movie.


In addition, Lance’s company filed docs to secure the rights to “Frosted Tips” … for a potential new podcast!!!

Even if there’s no new *NSYNC album on the way, seems like Lance won’t be saying “bye, bye, bye” any time soon.

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