Liam Gallagher heads out for bike ride after doctors advise him to stop jogging

Liam Gallagher headed out for a rather wet bike ride in London, after ditching jogging following doctors’ orders.

The rocker, 48, revealed last year that he is suffering with arthritis and was told by medical professionals that he had to ditch running in order to prevent permanent damage to his knees.

As a result, it looks like Liam has turned to other means to keep fit and the Oasis star was spotted cycling around Hampstead.

Heading out in the rain, Liam took to his bike in true LG style, rocking a black parka jacket and shorts.

He decided to take the scenic route through a woodland path and the wet weather didn’t seem to dampen Liam’s spirits, as he was spotted flashing a smile while pedalling away.

Liam revealed he has been diagnosed with arthritis last year in an interview with Q magazine, where he explained he is still as ‘rock and roll as ever, despite getting acupuncture to help treat his condition.

‘This geezer is mega, he doesn’t f**k about. He gets the needles and whacks them in,’ Liam said of his acupuncture sessions.

‘He sorts [the arthritis pain], but it keeps coming back,’ he said, before joking: ‘Acupuncture is alright, at least it’s needles.’

‘I can convince myself it’s still a bit of rock ‘n’ roll,’ he teased.

Fans were recently seen marking 25 years of Oasis’ hit album (What’s The Story) Morning Glory that was released in 1995 and was full of some of the iconic band’s biggest hits including Wonderwall, Champagne Supernova and Some Might Say.

But, as expected, Liam’s long-standing feud with brother Noel kind of overshadowed the milestone, as Liam accused his brother of leaving him out of plans to mark the anniversary.

Noel had headed back to Rockfield Studios in Wales where the album was recorded and hosted a livestream for fans on YouTube.

Liam claims Noel and the band’s management Ignition snubbed him from the plans, as he was ‘never asked’ to join the celebrations.

‘I’ve not been asked ignition the f**king cowboys will just want the potato which is fine by me coz I’ll answer your questions on a daily basis don’t need to make a big sing and dance about it Dya get me JO,’ he posted in response to a fan who had asked about the anniversary.

Noel, however, was seen showering high praise on Liam, who he has locked horns with ever since Oasis split in 2009 at what became their final gig in Paris, as the anniversary came about and said his voice was ‘f**king on another level’.

In the livestream, Noel said of his sibling’s vocals on the album: ‘Liam’s voice is f***ing on another level on that record. There is nothing around today that even f***ing comes remotely close to it.

‘Nobody realised that was our moment,’ he said. ‘Nobody had any f***ing idea what was going to happen.’

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