Lil Mama Refuses Fake Tributes When She Dies Following Michael K. Williams Passing

The ‘When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story’ star further discusses the matter in an Instagram video, saying, ‘All Imma say is this, if I die and you dont f**k with me let me die in peace please.’

AceShowbiz -Amid the heartbreaking news of “The Wire” actor Michael K. Williams‘ passing earlier this month, Lil Mama has a message to her family and friends. The “Lip Gloss” femcee noted in an Instagram post the importance of appreciating people while they’re still alive and asked people not to give her fake tributes when she dies.

“Waking up To This News is Heart Breaking. This is Why I Started Giving People Their FLOWERS Before it Became a TREND,” the “When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story” star wrote in the caption. “People kept asking me ‘Why You Keep posting People Making Me Think Their Dead’ WHY WAIT UNTIL PEOPLE LEAVE THE PHYSICAL REALM TO HONOR THEM MAN. Damn Mic RIP.”

Lil Mama doubled down on her sentiment in an Instagram Story post. “You die today 1000 plus people gone post you. You go to jail 1000 plus people gone post you. But while you out here doing your thing only 20 plus people gone post you,” the 31-year-old rapper wrote to her followers.

Lil Mama expressed her thoughts on paying tributes to someone who died.

She further discussed the matter in a video, saying, “All Imma say is this, if I die and you dont f**k with me let me die in peace please. Don’t send me no love notes, give as much of a f**k about me when I’m gone as you do when I’m here.” She added, “Oh, Lil Mama died oh great let’s go get ice cream do what you been doing dont f**k with me.”

Some fans agreed with her. “The realest s**t she ever spoke,” one person wrote in an Instagram comment. “I agree!!! Ppl don’t f**k with you when your alive but when you die it’s how much love they had for you etc.. but never picked up the phone to check on you etc. it’s the fake s**t.”

Someone, however, didn’t think that it was necessarily fake love. “The reality is there are some people you don’t talk to everyday, hell… you might not even think about them everyday but knowing you will never see somebody again hits home. It’s not always ‘fake love’ . Some people you love from a distance that doesn’t mean you can’t be affected by their passing,” the person opined.

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