Love Island’s Faye Winter slams ‘disgraceful’ dog ban and calls owners ‘idiots’

Faye Winter has called the XL Bully ban "disgraceful" following the government's announcement that they are considering banning the breed from the UK.

It comes after a rise in dog attacks, with some blaming the importing of this breed from America, however, former Love Island star Faye, 28, has suggested that it is owners who should be blamed for these attacks, rather than the dogs themselves.

Announcing the proposed ban, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak labelled the breed a "danger to our communities", something that has since proved controversial, with many dog owners criticising the proposed bill.

This includes Faye, who has criticised the ban, telling the Mirror: "I think it is disgraceful that we’re looking to even ban the breed at all.

"I think if we ban the breed we’ll have bad dog owners moving on to other breeds, there is no such thing as a bad dog."

Branding owners who treat the dogs like weapons as "idiots", Faye argued that banning the breed would just be a "temporary solution" until these owners find other dog breeds instead.

She added: "Do you know the amount of dogs I meet that are absolutely beautiful that are XL Bullies, they are the hard jawed dogs. I let Bonnie play with all sorts of dogs."

Fay adopted her pooch Bonnie last year with then-boyfriend Teddy Soares, however, the pair famously parted ways in February this year, with Faye taking sole custody of Bonnie.

Previously Faye revealed exclusively to OK! that she was unable to get out of bed following the breakup with Teddy, but went on to say that her beloved golden retriever pup helped pull her through her lowest moments, giving her a "purpose" when she’s been feeling flat.

"I would not have gotten through half the stuff I have recently if it wasn’t for her," she confessed at the time. "She is my alarm clock in the morning, she gets me up every day and she’s my reason for being.

"The amount of times where I’ve not wanted to get out of bed because I’m in such a low place, but now I don’t have that. I have to get up to feed and walk her every day."

And during the summer Faye pulled out all the stops as she marked Bonnie's first birthday.

Sharing some snaps of the party Faye said that her "heart was so full" after everyone came to celebrate "the one little soul" that changed her world.

Continuing she gushed: "That gave me reasons and has never judged me!

"I love you, Bonnie, thank you for choosing me to be your mummy, happy 1st birthday my angel! Some people don't get it but they don't need to."

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