Love Island’s Faye Winter ‘turfed out’ of home she shared with Teddy

Faye Winter has opened up about her split from ex-boyfriend Teddy Soares on the Saving Grace podcast, describing the break-up as a "crazy time".

Faye announced that she and Teddy had called it quits earlier this year after rumours of a split had been swirling for months, later sharing that she had moved out of the house they had shared and moved back to Devon.

Looking back at this time, the former Love Island star has claimed she was "turfed out" of the house amid the split.

Talking to podcast host, GK Barry, Faye said: "It was just a f***ing crazy time, like, I got turfed out my house, me and my dog and a f***ing night bag."

As Grace compared her to Winnie The Pooh, Faye continued: "That was me. Apart from I had to clean out the f***ing freezer that had his f***ing rotten fish in it."

It comes after Faye told new! that although she was the one to call time on the relationship, it wasn't her decision to leave the home.

She explained: "It wasn’t my choice to leave the house that we were in at the time that we did. It was really stressful having my six-month-old puppy, Bonnie, and trying to find somewhere I could rent with her.

“I’d also just got a bigger car which needed to be kept in a garage, so trying to find that was really tough. At the time, I remember ringing my friends and my family and I was just beside myself, asking, ‘Where am I going to live?’"

Faye, who worked as an estate agent before appearing on Love Island, has settled in a rental property in Devon, and said, “I’ve got my confidence [back] being back in Devon, living close to my family and friends.

"If I’ve got any problems or if I’m having a down day, I can ring someone who’s literally five minutes away, rather than my family feeling really hopeless that I’m so many miles away."

Faye's revelation that she was "turfed out" of the house that she hadn't really wanted to leave comes after Teddy shared that he feels like he "has a vo ice again" following the split.

“I have a voice again. I feel like I'm coming out of my shell again and going to events and going out more. Which is really nice,” he told MailOnline. “[Faye] talks about me in the press and we agreed not to but I don't speak about her,' Teddy continued.

Responding to her ex's comments, Faye told new: "I feel like everyone deals with things differently and Teddy – probably rightly so – knew what would get him some sympathy. I think people realise that Teddy was out of the country a lot during our relationship.

"He was on nights out all the time. Teddy did live his life and he went out with his brothers and I never stood in his way."

She finished: "Teddy did what he wanted and we were happy together. It’s a shame that we’re no longer together, but it is what it is."


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