Luann de Lesseps Clarifies Rehab Payment: Bravo Paid For It & Bethenny Frankel ‘Helped’

Luann de Lesseps is opening up about her most recent stint in rehab — and some things about it are more complicated than they seem!

As you’ll recall, the Real Housewives of New York star checked into a facility for the second time back in July 2018 after a family legal battle combined with personal stress caused her to relapse into previous bad habits surrounding alcohol.

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And now, we’re learning more about the impetus behind that stay, including who paid for it! Speaking to People about the support she had going through rehab, de Lesseps revealed Bravo actually footed the bill for her stay in recovery, while Bethenny Frankel set the whole thing up and got Luann her foot in the door.

The (former) Countess revealed (below):

“ helped, but the network actually paid for that. She helped make that happen, absolutely, and I give her credit for that. But the network covered that for me, which is great.”


That’s an interesting thing to know for a few reasons, not the least of which is hearing Bravo felt somehow responsible for getting Luann help when she needed it — and enough help to have her completely miss the season 10 reunion special because of it. As RHONY fans no doubt remember, de Lesseps authorized Bethenny to speak on her behalf during that episode.

The other interesting aspect of this is the way rehab plays into the ongoing dynamic between Luann and Bethenny. As we recently covered from the show, Luann and Frankel had an explosive fight during a season 11 episode down in Miami, where the topic of rehab was front and center.

As fans will recall, the entrepreneur called out the cabaret star and seemingly tried to guilt-trip her over her rehab attempt, yelling (below):

“Do you understand it was the whole weekend? I took weeks of my life for you! I had lawyers come to your house on a Sunday. I spoke to your kids. I sat outside on your driveway to make sure you didn’t drive your car — you almost crashed the boat and killed your friends. You were running in a field in negligee and had to be taken in cop cars and I made sure that they didn’t record it so you ultimately didn’t get arrested. You left the f**king rehab that I got you for free two weeks early, cause of cabaret! You’re a sicko! I got it for free! You’re sick.”

Crazy, right?! But now we know that’s… maybe not entirely true?!

As it turns out, Bethenny may have had the hook-up to get Luann into the facility in the first place, but it sounds like — at least according to de Lesseps — (a) it wasn’t for free, and (b) Bravo paid the bill.

Still, Bethenny was the one who arranged for the treatment so it was free at least for Luann!

What do U think, Perezcious readers — are we destined to hear about this legendary and controversial rehab stay for years to come on RHONY?!

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