Massive Bronx Apartment Fire Kills 17 People, Including 8 Children

An inferno engulfed a 19-story apartment building in New York City’s Bronx borough, leaving 17 people dead … including a reported 8 children.

The fire went down Sunday at the Twin Park apartments, with authorities saying the flames appear to have originated from a duplex between the second and third floors … which quickly spread throughout the rest of the structure.

At least 200 firefighters responded to the scene in what ended up being categorized as a five-alarm blaze … as they bravely ascended the edifice any way they could to get people out, including via ladders along the walls and into open windows.

Tons of video were captured of the horrific scene … some of which showed firefighters lowering people down ladders and to safety. Still, the damage was devastating.

More than 5 dozen people are reported to have been injured in the fire, including 13 who are said to have been in critical condition. Most of the victims are suffering from severe smoke inhalation … this according to FDNY officials.

Newly elected Mayor Eric Adams says it’s one of the worst fires in NYC history … and it’s now being compared to the Happy Land social club fire of 1990, which took the lives of 87 people.

No word on what may have caused this to begin with … that’s currently under investigation. With that said, fire officials told local media that it doesn’t appear to be suspicious in origin.

The death toll of at least 17 was confirmed by the Mayor’s office, and the number of kids who died was reported by AP, citing anonymous sources who were familiar with the figures.

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