Matt Baker admits wife and kids removed ‘uncomfortable’ scenes from Our Farm in the Dales

Matt Baker announces two new series of 'Our Farm in the Dales'

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Matt Baker, 43, is very close with his family and he considers them his “most valued critics” when it comes to Our Farm in the Dales. The TV presenter recently announced the return of the programme to Channel 4 for two new series after a successful first season.

The documentary focuses on Matt and his family “reshaping” their organic sheep farm in the Durham hills.

It follows three generations of the Baker family, including Matt and his wife Nicola, their two children Molly and Luke, and Matt’s parents Michael and Janice.

When it comes to the post production, Matt ensures everyone has a say on what makes the final cut, and that they can remove any scenes they feel “uncomfortable” with airing.

Not only do his family members give their input, but they are “the most important part” of the process.

“The family are the most important part of the edit process and anything they’ve been remotely uncomfortable with has gone straight away,” Matt wrote in a column for

“Luke and Molly are essentially the Executive Producers without even knowing it!”

He continued: “My family are undoubtedly my most valued critics, and this series is a lovely memento for all of us as we’ve all been part of it from the very beginning.

“I was adamant that there shouldn’t be any sort of script and we just went ahead and filmed us in our world – no pressure or stress.

“We had a very small crew and they’re all people that know the family well (Steve the soundman has been part of my life since Blue Peter).”

But Matt’s close bond with his family does not stop with Our Farm in the Dales.

Speaking to Zoe Ball on her BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show, Matt said his son Luke was also involved in the filming process of Countryfile during lockdown.

He said: “Luke had filmed things himself with the camera, he was the cameraman.”

Earlier this year, Matt’s mum Janice, 65, was seriously injured after being trampled on by sheep.

Janice was hospitalised and had to undergo a knee replacement procedure.

Matt gave viewers an update on his mother’s situation during an episode of Our Farm in the Dales.

He said: “Our 100 acre hill farm is a beautiful but challenging place to live and everything that lives here is tough, especially my parents.

“Recently we’ve had to make some changes to the farm after my mum was knocked over by a flock of sheep.

“She broke her leg and had a total knee replacement.”

Matt also asked his mother how she was adapting to the changes being made to the farm.

“The weird thing about my leg, I mean obviously it was pretty rough at the time, but now I’m absolutely elated with the thought of what it’s all going to be and I’m looking forward to maybe a new chapter,” she explained.

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