Meek Mill Ridiculed for Ranting About His Stomach Issues: ‘You Ate Fries With Pool Water’

The Philly rapper says on his Twitter account, ‘My stomach been messed up for months and the doctors can’t locate the problem,’ adding that he needs ‘top stomach doctors.’

AceShowbizMeek Mill is not feeling too well. The Philly rapper took to Twitter to rant about his ongoing stomach issues, saying how he still couldn’t get rid of the problems even though months have passed. Rather than feeling genuinely concerned for Meek, the majority of his followers couldn’t help but ridicule him because they believed they already knew the cause of it.

In a post shared on the micro-blogging site, Meek said, “My stomach been messed up for months and the doctors can’t locate the problem! I need some top stomach doctors.” His tweet quickly gained numbers with a lot of people pointing out that one time when Meek shared on Instagram Stories a photo of him putting several fries on his legs when he was hanging out by the poolside.

“Meek…. you be eating fries with Pool water and still making spreads…. cut that s**t out and your stomach will feel better,” one said, before giving him an advice, “Also drink some ginger team with lemon and turmeric boo.” Another person told Meek, “N***a you eat like a bad a** 7 year old,” along with Meek’s photo of noodles that had hot cheetos on top. Someone else said, “Bro we’ve seen what you eat I think we know where to start.”

One more person commented, “Mf all that bad eating habits probably swelled up your gallbladder with fat, get that s**t checked out.” An individual, in the meantime, wrote, “Man uses Chlorine as dipping sauce for his fries and can’t figure out why he’s got the runs, I’m dead.” Another said, “It’s the pee-pee pool water French fries and flaming hot instant ramen noodle casserole for me.” There was also someone who said, “N***a was eating noodle pasta with hot Cheetos on top and wondering why he sick.”

Meek has yet to respond to those trolls.

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