Meghan Markle One Month Away from Potential 'Tig' Blog Revival

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Meghan Markle might have flamed out on some business ventures lately — but she’s primed to take flight on the Internet with a familiar brand … which could happen sooner than later.

Here’s the deal … everyone knows Meg had a personal blog she ran for a few years before she met and married Prince Harry — it’s called The Tig, and she posted a ton of stuff on there … including recipes, travel tips and personal photos documenting her adventures.

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She shut The Tig down in 2017, this as she was heading into Royal life as PH’s then-fiancĂ©e. The website still has her farewell message to fans up as the main piece of content.

Flash-forward to 2023 … and Meg/Harry are out to pave their own way and make their own money — which they’ve attempted to do in a variety of forms … some more successful than others. Now, it looks like Meg might be trying to get in on the wellness website world again, via her old blog … The Tig. How we know that — her team has filed trademarks for it anew.

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There’ve been filings for “The Tig.” through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office — including one, being managed by an attorney, that bears the exact same logo Meg used before … and which echoes what she was previously covering, only now with a wider scope.

This new “Tig” aims to feature content touching on “food, cooking, recipes, travel, relationships, fashion, style, lifestyle, the arts, culture, design, conscious living, and health and wellness.” There’ve been rumors MM wants to offer an alternative to Gwyneth Paltrow‘s goop … and based on the categories the revived Tig will host, that sounds about right.

Now, the latest on Meg securing the trademark to “The Tig.” is that she’s all but clear to get it — she was granted a Notice of Allowance in April — this after nobody filed an opposition to her trademark app — but there’s a couple steps she has to complete before it’s official.

What that is … a “Statement of Use,” just showing that the site is live and that she’s actively using it. She has until October to submit that — and, as of now, there’s no indication she has … not yet anyway. If she does, though, before October … The Tig is hers once more.

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Here’s the kicker on all this … likely unbeknownst to Meg, there’s already an existing site that has very similar branding to what she’s trying to bring back — namely, another “Tig” lifestyle page that’s been in business since ’07. The company’s called This Is Glamorous — but calls itself “Tig.” And yes … they, too, cover all things fashion, travel, food and wellness.

This site was up and running when Meg had her old blog — but, frankly, she’s way more famous now … and it’ll be interesting to see if this draws any comparisons or confusion.

Either way, it’s too late now … the Duchess has the green light to proceed. As you were!

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