Mischa Barton SLAMS “Scumbag” Perez Hilton on The Hills: WATCH!

The latest iteration of The Hills is subtitled New Beginnings, and it may be more applicable to Mischa Barton than to any other cast member on the show.

After all, not only did Mischa not appear on the original series, she’s never even worked as a reality star before.

So this is truly a new beginning for the former actress, who first gained fame on the early-2000s Fox drama The OC.

But while it’s a new experience, Mischa is apparently out to settle some old business.

Some of our younger readers may not even remember Perez Hilton, the professional bully who rose to the top of the trash heap back in the bad old days of celebrity gossip blogging.

Hilton made millions publicly shaming young women like Mischa for their appearances, their sex lives, and their alleged substance abuse.

If you made a list of the people who are responsible for turning the internet into the cesspool of semi-anonymous hate-mongering that it’s become, Perez Hilton would certainly be near the top.

There’s no denying that he’s one of the internet’s great douche bags, and you could even make the argument that he takes the top prize.

(Or at least that he held the number one spot in the years prior to the emergence of the alt-right and MAGA Nation.)

So it was a pleasure to see Mischa absolutely eviscerate Perez during this week’s episode of The Hills:

“Perez Hilton was a pseudo-celebrity blogger. He was the face of a certain brand of hate,” Barton said in a confessional segment.

“I really felt like I was a target for him. I don’t know how to describe it, it’s just like when you see your bully in the school hallway,” she added of the confrontation.

“That adrenaline gets going, it’s a mixture of fear and anger and all of those things.”

It can be easy to lose your cool when confronting a bully, but Mischa maintained her equanimity and eloquently stated her case:

“The thing with that is, this bullying that you did for so long to so many young girls, I find it hard to let go. I really do,” she said to Hilton.

“It’s not just about the body shaming or outing people who are gay before they’re out of the closet, all of that stuff, I just can’t really accept the apology entirely on behalf of how I truly feel,” Barton added.

“I think really where I think the divide between us is I don’t sit well with people who purposefully harm other people.”

Folks, believe us when we say there isn’t a lie to be found anywhere in that statement.

To his credit, Perez recognized immediately that he had been owned, and he blurted out a desperate apology:

“If I could go back in time – and I say this on my kid’s life, I swear – if I could go back in time and do things differently I would,” he stammered.

Barton pressed him on the matter, shooting back:

“Would you, would you really?”

“You would go back in time and change all of those peoples careers you messed with, all of the people you outed?”

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At this, Perez became incensed at her unwillingness to accept his apology, demonstrating conclusively that he had not moved on from the abusive behavior that made him famous.

Or, as Mischa put it, “He’s just being a total dick.”

We guess you have to hand it to the guy for knowing what he does best and sticking with it!

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