Mississippi Meteorologist Says Prayer On Air As Tornados Touch Down

A Mississippi meteorologist had a raw reaction to the deadly tornados that just tore through the state — saying a prayer live on the air … which has now gone viral.

WTVA 9 News Matt Laubhan was bringing in weather updates Friday evening as word of massive storms touching down was starting to spread. He was explaining what the city of Amory — in the northeast part of MS — could expect to see when he took a pause.

Check it out … it’s pretty shocking to see how he reacts to an incoming tornado that clearly has him concerned. He even pauses and invokes Jesus’ name — asking him to help them.

Even before he said his prayer, Laubhan was getting into the weeds and being fully transparent with viewers — telling them that while he might predict what’s gonna happen, they have to be prepared for the worst. He also pulled up helpful interactive tools onscreen.

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His whole broadcast was coming from the heart, and you can see how much he cared about the folks on the ground. It’s a humanizing moment … the Internet certainly appreciated it.

As for the aftermath … upwards of 26 people are reported dead after tornados tore through much of Mississippi, causing massive destruction. The gusts these tornados came with were at their highest … going as fast as 166 MPH to 200 MPH. So, a full-blown natural disaster.

Tornado Aftermath in Mississipp

Now, the rebuilding process begins, President Biden has issued an emergency declaration for Mississippi, which means federal funds can be used to help them get back to normal.

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