Monty Don on behind-the-scenes struggles after final Gardeners’ World episode ‘It’s tough’

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Monty Don, 70, thanked fans for tuning into the final episode of Gardeners’ World this year, as he shared that it has been “tough” to film during the current coronavirus pandemic. The gardening expert added that the programme would now not be returning to screens until next year.

It’s been tough at times

Monty Don

Monty typed in view of his 202,700 Twitter followers: “Thank you for all the kind remarks about this year’s GW. It has been tough at times but a privilege. 

“See you all next Spring. Take care,” he added.

Underneath fans shared their praise for the show and anticipation for the next series.

One wrote: “We’ve thoroughly enjoyed GW this year, thank you. We’ve been using our spend grain & hops for compost & mulch – seems to be doing the trick! Enjoy your break.”

A second commented: “It’s been just what we’ve needed. I’m gutted it’s the winter break more than usual. I do hope you’ll consider keeping the viewers videos though, I think they’re a fabulous addition.”

A third replied: “Thank you to you Monty and the whole GW team. I am new to gardening and have avidly watched every Friday for inspiration and practical ideas. Your calm instruction has transformed my garden and I will be forever grateful. Have a restful winter and stay safe all. Thank you.”

A fourth said: “It’s the series of the year for me. Many thanks, Monty. Be seeing you back around the same time next year that these auriculas should flower in the garden.”

Gardeners’ World airs every year on BBC and shows the presenters take viewers around their homes to offer gardening advice.

Monty is an extremely popular star on the show and recently spoke on living with depression, that can be worse in the winter when it begins to feel “bleak” outdoors.

The TV star divulged that he has felt better over the “last few years”, as he admitted his “physical connection” with nature can aid his mental health.

Monty revealed: “I have for many years, suffered from depression, which comes and goes but tends to be something that is worse in winter.

“And, touch wood, it’s been much better for the last few years. 

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“But for me, the benefits of nature are all about the physical connection with the rhythm of the natural world.”

The garden expert explained how the earth’s rhythm can be “bleak” during the winter and that can have an effect on him.

Monty continued: “Some of that rhythm is bleak – winter is cold. 

“And yet even if inside you are bleak and grey and cold, if you believe that spring will blossom inside you, as well as outside in the garden, that’s powerful,” he added to the BBC.

Monty previously shared that the depression that had impacted his life had also afflicted his father Denis.

He described his dad as being a “frightening figure” as he addressed his worries his parent would take his own life when he struggled through “deep depressive fits”.

Monty’s father had served in the armed forces and had previously “killed people”, although the garden expert shared that he was not an “aggressive” person by nature.

He shared with The Times: “He was an army heavyweight boxing champion and a commando and had been through the war. He had killed people. He was not in any way aggressive… He was a scary man.”

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