Monty Don opens up on childhood trauma with ‘frightening’ father: ‘He killed people’

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Monty Don, 70, shared that the depression that had impacted his life had also afflicted his father Denis. The Gardeners’ World presenter described his father as being a “frightening figure” and worried at times his dad would take his own life as a result of “deep depressive fits”.

Monty’s father had served in the armed forces and had previously “killed people”, although the garden expert shared that he was not an “aggressive” person by nature.

Monty explained: “He was an army heavyweight boxing champion and a commando and had been through the war.

“He had killed people. He was not in any way aggressive but it was a latent … He was a scary man. 

“You didn’t mess with him and he had these deep depressive fits when he wouldn’t talk to anyone,“ he added to The Times.

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