Ms Marvel Star Iman Vellani Dishes On Her First Convo with Captain Marvels Brie Larson

Iman Vellani is opening up about the first time she talked to Brie Larson!

The Ms Marvel star revealed that the Captain Marvel star was one of the first people to reach out to her after she was cast in the new Marvel series.

They will also be starring together in the upcoming The Marvels movie!

Find out what Brie told Iman inside…

“She was the sweetest. I was really shy and I felt like everything I wanted to ask would have been stupid, but she didn’t make me feel like that. She has such a warm presence and made our Zoom call intimate, telling me all about her experience,” Iman shared with Variety. “She was like, ‘Seriously, if your mom needs to talk to my mom, we can make that happen. Anything you need.’ Any time I had any issue on set, I would text her and she’d make herself so available to answer my questions, as silly or small as they were.”

“She really wanted to be there for me, because even though she was already an established actor, being in Marvel changed her career forever,” she continued. “The sheer amount of attention you get being a Marvel actor is completely unmatched to anything else in this industry, and she wanted to prep me for that mentally and hold my hand throughout it.”

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