Mummy blogger whos confessed to child abuse left chilling clues in her YouTube videos

YouTube mummy blogger Ruby Franke has pleaded guilty to four counts of second-degree aggravated child abuse, for abusing and starving two of her children.

The Utah mother of six, known for revealing parenting tips on her channel 8 Passengers, expressed deep regret for her actions in court on Monday, 18 December.

However, internet users and investigators say her videos had already held 'clues' about how she treated her children, reports the Daily Mirror.

Ruby Franke faced criticism online for her video blog, where she shared incidents like banning her eldest son from his room for seven months because he played a prank on his younger brother.

The former online star also shared stories of not providing lunch for her child who forgot to take it to school and threatening to cut off a stuffed toy's head to teach her daughter a lesson for cutting things in the house.

In one video, she shared that she and her husband didn't give their two youngest children Christmas presents one year. They explained it was due to their selfish behaviour and ignoring punishments like staying home from school or cleaning.

Winward Law, representing Ruby Franke, claimed that she was misled by a relationship counsellor, leading her to a distorted sense of morality. They described Franke as a devoted mum always striving for improvement.

They claimed that Jodi Hildebrandt, a mental health counsellor and Franke's business partner, took advantage of Franke's efforts to improve herself and turned it into something terrible. The statement said that Hildebrandt deliberately cut Franke off from her family, older kids, and her husband, Kevin Franke.

Franke and Hildebrandt were arrested on 30 August after Franke's 12 year old son escaped from Hildebrandt's house in Ivins, southern Utah, and asked a neighbour for help, according to a 911 call released by St. George Police Department.

The boy was very thin and had duct tape on his ankles and wrists but didn't explain why, the caller said. "I think he's been … he's been detained," they mentioned, sounding upset. "He's obviously covered in wounds."

Franke's 10 year old daughter was also found at Hildebrandt's place, according to court documents. Both children were taken to hospital, and eventually Franke's four youngest children were placed in state care. Franke and Hildebrandt face six charges each of serious child abuse and have been in jail since their arrest.

Her statement read that, while in jail, "she has actively engaged in an introspection that has allowed her to reset her moral compass and understand the full weight of her actions. Ms. Franke is committed to taking responsibility for the part she played in the events leading up to her incarceration."

The court documents told a chilling tale about a young boy who claim to the police that "Jodi" had tied him with ropes, then used hot pepper and honey on his burns from the ropes. Kevin Franke is currently divorcing his wife, the search warrant shared.

Court documentation explains that Hildebrandt won't be seeing patients until there's an official review of allegations against her. She's to appear in court again on 27 December. Franke faces sentencing on 20 February next year.

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