Nelly Laughs At Himself After Fans Think He Was Performing Under The Influence

Nelly‘s recent performance in Australia has the Internet thinking he was a drunken mess on stage … and the “Country Grammar” rapper can’t help but laugh at all the jokes getting thrown his way about the show.

Video from Sunday’s performance at Melbourne’s Juice Fest shows Nelly staring off into space and missing the cues for his song “Over and Over” — causing fans to voice their concerns on social media — and letting the jokes fly.


“Nahh Nelly caught 4k Perced up and on god knows what other drugs he on,” one fan quipped while another wrote, “Nelly was HIGH AS EGGS at that festival in Australia lmao every video i see if him performing gets funnier and funnier.”

Nelly didn’t deny being under the influence of anything … but comedian Spice Adams spoofed the performance on Instagram, prompting the rap superstar to react with a slew of laughing emojis … because what else can you say at this point? 😅

TMZ Hip Hop reached out to Nelly to clarify things 100%. We’re sure he’s performed the hit a zillion times — the platinum-selling Tim McGraw collab dropped all the way back in 2004 — but that recent rendition certainly wasn’t his best!!!

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