Nicholas Hamilton Releases Debut Single ‘Different Year’ – Listen Now!

Nicholas Hamilton is kicking off his music career!

The 20-year-old Endless and It Chapter Two actor just released his debut single “Different Year.”

“As much as ‘Different Year’ is about how I felt during 2020, it can really apply to any point in anyone’s life where they’ve just wanted to close their eyes, go to sleep, and wake up when everything’s fine again,” Nicholas told JJJ. “I love that DY’s going to be the first people hear of my music, too. It’s a really special song to me and it’s so cool to see how it’s evolved over time.”

“I can’t state the amount of love I have for songs that are about something so depressing and heart-breaking, but are produced in an overwhelmingly positive and uplifting way,” he added. “I wanted to achieve that with ‘Different Year,’ and I think we really got there. The plucky synths and the fingerpicked guitar melody that guides the verses allows the listener to not get bogged down with how sad the lyrics are, but instead bop their head to a chill pop tune.”

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