Nicholl: Duchess Kate has ‘really gone out of her way to be a peacemaker’

Royal commentator/biographer Katie Nicholl has given an interview to Entertainment Tonight about the Sussexes and the Cambridges and where things stand now that Harry’s first trip back is done and dusted. Nicholl even references Omid Scobie’s reporting in Harper’s Bazaar on Wednesday, which was clearly drawn from Sussex-sources. The most important thing from Nicholl’s interview is that clearly, at this point, even royal commentators are trying to dial down the expectations. They were crazy last week, trying to convince people that Harry and William’s funeral reunion was make-or-break. When really, it was just two brothers who dislike each other briefly coming back together to bury their grandfather. Some highlights:

The Fab Four isn’t getting back together: “I think the idea of seeing this reprisal of the Fab Four — Harry and Meghan, William and Kate — is really so far down the future. It’s almost quite hard to even envision it at the moment. So much has happened. There is so much hurt on either side.”

Charles gets credit for putting Harry & William together: “It is safe to say there were meetings with family members and certainly Prince Harry did have some time with his grandmother, the queen, before he went back to L.A.. It was Prince Charles’ idea to get the boys together after the wake. There really wasn’t any other time as Prince Harry was in self-isolation for the days leading up to the funeral for them to get together.” Nicoll says the three men walked around the grounds of Windsor Castle, adhering to COVID-19 regulations. “I think it was quite an important meeting and, as I said, it was Charles’ suggestion. William was also there, and Harry was also happy to go along with that. And that really was the first time that the three of them, father and sons, were able to come together and have a private, informal meeting.”

Harry & William disagree, fundamentally: Nicholl, meanwhile, suggests that things between the family are “not going to be resolved in one or two family meetings,” adding that while this has been an important step, “I think there’s still quite a way to go. The idea that Harry’s suddenly going to come around to William’s way of thinking, and vice versa, I think is a way off. I think there do need to be more conversations, there’s clearly still a lot of hurt, a lot of resentment, and a degree of mistrust on both parts. It’s early days, but I think the hope is that come July — when we are hoping to see the brothers stand once again shoulder by shoulder to unveil the statue in memory of their mother [Princess Diana] — that the relationship will be stronger and in a better place.”

The Keen Peacemaker: “I think Kate played a big part in getting William and Harry talking. You could see when she went to speak to Harry after the funeral he visibly relaxed, his shoulders dropped, he just looked relieved to be included, because I think up until that point, he felt very much like he was getting the cold shoulder from most of his royal relatives. Kate’s really gone out of her way to be a peacemaker and to help the brothers get back on track.”

No leaking: While this reunion may be a “significant start,” Nicholl believes the conversations between Harry and his family “will continue productively, and crucially not be leaked to the media.”

[From Entertainment Tonight]

“There is so much hurt on either side.” Lolz. Funny that Nicholl can’t be more explicit. Meghan and Harry are hurt because William and Kate weaponized the British media against them and racially abused Meghan and wanted to exile M&H. William and Kate are hurt because… Harry and Meghan are hot, happy, cosmopolitan, free, rich, successful, charismatic and hard-working.

“The idea that Harry’s suddenly going to come around to William’s way of thinking, and vice versa, I think is a way off…” They keep hoping that Harry will dump his wife and children and come running back, begging for forgiveness and promising to do whatever Baldemort wants.

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