Nick Cordero Had ‘Rocky Night’ After His Fever ‘Spiked’ Amid Coronavirus Recovery

Nick Cordero‘s wife is providing an update on her husband’s battle with coronavirus.

Amanda Kloots took to her Instagram Story on Tuesday (June 9) to reveal that the 41-year-old actor “had a little bit of a rocky night last night” and “spiked a fever” that resulted in doctors intervening with medication.

They had to do a little bit of fixing of that and antibiotics,” Amanda explained. “Luckily, everything is back to normal today and that was just a little blip that can happen in ICU. I mean, anything can happen in ICU, but just a little blip but we’re back to normal.”

“Things are going, I think, good,” Amanda continued. “He’s stable and they’ll probably be looking at doing another, hopefully, CT scan of his lungs to see what kind of progress or if there’s further damage in his lungs.”

Amanda went on to say that Nick‘s doctors are considering “another round of stem cells” to help repair his lungs, which have been “severely damaged” due to the virus.

Nick has been in the ICU since early April. His leg had to be amputated due to blood clots and he also has been fighting lung infections.

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