Paris Jackson shares tribute to Michael Jackson on late dad’s 65th birthday

Paris Jackson’s tribute to her dad onstage

Paris Jackson marked what would’ve been her father’s 65th birthday live on stage as she continued her tour with rock bands Bad Flower and Incubus.

On Tuesday, the 25-year-old took to the stage in a pair of red overalls and folded a giant paper airplane as she thanked the bands before adding: “It’s also my dad’s birthday.”

The revelation ushered a huge cheer from the crowd as the singer continued: “He would’ve been 65 years old today and he put 50 years of blood, sweat and tears and love and passion into doing what he did so that I could stand up here on stage in front of you and scream into a microphone.

“I owe everything to him and I’d also like to take a second to introduce my other family which is these guys up here on stage with me.”

Paris shared the tender tribute to her Instagram after getting off stage and added some context for critics who had been berating her for seemingly not celebrating Michael Jackson’s birthday.

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She explained that when the Thriller singer was alive he “used to hate anybody acknowledging” his birthday.

With a slight grin, Paris added: “He actually didn’t even want us to know when his birthday was because he didn’t want us to throw a party or anything like that.”

Her tone quickly changed as the Bandaid singer addressed the criticisms she gets for seemingly sticking to her dad’s wishes as she usually avoids sharing or posting anything commemorative for his birthday.

She continued: “If you don’t wish someone happy birthday via social media it apparently means that you don’t love them, that you don’t care about them.

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“There have been times when I don’t post something for my dad’s birthday and people lose their f***ing minds. They tell me to go kill myself. Basically measuring my love for my own father based on a post.”

However, she also shared some sweet insights and a quick suggestion for “MJ superfans” on how they can properly “pay homage and honour” the late pop star in ways he would appreciate.

The singer recommended fans get involved with “raising awareness for climate change”, assisting environmental causes and “animal rights activism”.

She added: “These were things that he loved. I can’t speak for him but I’m sure he would’ve loved that.”

In the clips, Paris was seen tying her hair up after admitting she was “so sweaty” from performing and quickly took to X to assure fans that she wasn’t trying to make a statement through her movements.

She wrote: “I wasn’t tying my hair up to show off my armpit hair. I’ve not shaved it for years and forget it’s there all the time. get over yourselves.

“…I was pulling my hair up to show my glass cutting jawline.” (sic)

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