Peter Gabriel Shares New 'i/o' Track 'Love Can Heal'

Peter Gabriel recently shared “Love Can Heal,” the ninth track to be released from the album i/o.

The full moon release on Thursday is the Bright-Side Mix by Mark ‘Spike’ Stent.

“Love Can Heal” is “a dreamy, experiential piece with some abstract imagery, a carpet of sound, a tapestry where things are woven together, but not necessarily supposed to stick out, but just form part of a whole,” says Gabriel, who wrote and produced the song.

“Love Can Heal” is a song that has been performed during the recent i/o tour, but actually had its live premiere during Peter Gabriel and Sting‘s Rock, Paper, Scissors tour of North America of 2016.

Though not directly related to the song, there is this peripheral connection and inspiration that comes from Gabriel’s interest in the parallels between how people, over many centuries, have used psychedelic drugs for mystical experiences and the current clinical research of many universities into their healing powers.

“Love Can Heal” was primarily recorded at Real World Studios, Bath and The Beehive, London but it also features live elements from Linnea Olsson (cello and vocal) and Jennie Abrahamson (vocal), recorded in Toronto.

(Photo: Nadav Kander)

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