Phillip Schofield’s blunt quip about life with Stephanie Lowe: ‘She never moved out!’

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The This Morning star’s personal life has come back into the spotlight after the release of his autobiography Life’s What You Make It today. Phillip detailed the agonising toll coming out as gay on national TV put on his health in recently released extracts. One account revealed that he lost three stone due to stress and pulled out of an episode of the ITV show at the last minute because he felt so sick. Since Phillip came out in February, previous comments about his wife of 27 years Stephanie Lowe have been analysed – including one about how they moved in together. 

The host, who has been on British TV for 35 years, described Stephanie as “the only woman for me” in an unearthed interview about their relationship. 

He claimed that she wasn’t jealous of his “on-screen wives”, which included Holly Willoughby, Fern Britton and Christine Lampard. 

Phillip, who in previous years had tried to keep his private life out of the public eye, candidly revealed how he and Stephanie became an item.

They met at the BBC during the Eighties when she worked as a production assistant and had known each other “for years before anything happened”.

He claimed a romance started after he returned from filming Schofield’s Europe for the BBC. 

Phillip continued: “She moved in as a sort of housesitter and never moved out. That was that.”

The star, who was yet to join ITV, believed it was him who “made the first move” that sparked their relationship. 

He told the Mirror in 2012: “I think. She’d probably disagree. I love Steph. She’s wonderful. A great mate, a lovely person. Gorgeous. Very bubbly, very ­diplomatic.”

Phillip’s remarks were made before he bravely told the world he was gay on TV in February – a decision that he claimed left him in an “extremely dark place” and in need of medication.

In his new book, the presenter said there was no “specific day or time” that he realised but he had become “increasingly aware” over the past five years.

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He wrote: “I didn’t know I was gay when I married Steph. If I had, I wouldn’t have got married.”

Phillip combatted claims that he had been “lying to her for 27 years” and stated: “When I eventually knew, so did she.”

The star added: “The reality was that I would have stared silently into a fireplace watching the flames consume the logs and wishing they were consuming me.”

He knew he had to come out and felt that if he didn’t “the secret was going to give me a total breakdown… at best”.

Phillip Schofield’s Life’s What You Make It was published by Penguin Book and is available here.

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