Piers Morgan: GMB host hits out at ‘shameless bullsh***r’ Matt Hancock ‘They have no idea’

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Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, 41, told BBC Breakfast host Charlie Stayt he was unaware of the “precise” number of people who have been checked over abiding by the quarantine rules after returning home from Spain. Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan, 55, expressed his concerns over Mr Hancock’s answers after one Twitter user shared a clip of the BBC interview this morning.

Hancock is such a shameless bullsh***er.

Piers Morgan

The social media user shared the video of Charlie interviewing Mr Hancock and tweeted: “Confusion on how many people are being checked to see if they are abiding by quarantine measures when coming back from Spain.

“Matt Hancock doesn’t have an answer. #BBCBreakfast.”

Once the GMB host watched the video this morning, he took the opportunity to voice his opinions online.

Piers shared the tweet with his 7.6 million Twitter followers and remarked: “Hancock is such a shameless bullsh***er.

“They have no idea how many are obeying the quarantine rules because I doubt they’re even bothering to check.”

In the short video, Charlie began by pressing: “In the current circumstances as we are in now, as people come back from a country like Spain, how many checks have taken place as to whether or not people are abiding by the quarantine they obliged to stick to? How many checks have taken place?”

Mr Hancock responded: “I don’t have an answer to that question, but what I do know,” before Charlie interjected with: “Ok. Can I ask you another question? Because I’d just like to get through a couple.

“So, how many people are doing that job of checking?”

“Yeah. So I was just going to answer, finish my answer,” he replied.

“The point is that the vast majority of people according to the work that we’re doing, are undertaking the quarantine,” to which the BBC host asked: “How do you know that?”

The Health Secretary said: “Because we check it.”

Charlie then questioned: “I thought you said you didn’t know how many people have been checked?”


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“I don’t know the exact number, but what I do know is that the vast majority of people are following the advice,” he explained.

The BBC Breakfast presenter went on to ask: “So that’s an assumption you’re making?” which left Mr Hancock to announce: “No, it’s not an assumption.”

Charlie then added: “So have you asked people? This sounds really unclear to me.”

After Mr Hancock attempted to respond with: “No, I have,” the presenter remarked: “If you have contacted them and they have said yes we are abiding, or you haven’t contacted them.”

“Yeah. You ask me precisely how many people we’ve contacted, I don’t have that figure to hand. What I do know, is that we check this, and the vast majority of people do abide by the rules,” he discussed.

“In the same way that the vast majority of people abided by the social distancing rules and lockdown when we brought that in.

“One of the positive things about this terrible epidemic is when people are given advice of what they need to do to protect others, they in the large part follow it.”

Mr Hancock then apologised to the host and the BBC’s viewers by saying: “I’m terribly sorry I don’t have the number of the precise people we have been in contact with and the size of that work. But I do know that the work is going on.”

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