Police Stand Guard Outside Yo Gotti's Restaurant After Young Dolph Murder

Police are apparently ready for any possible retaliation that may come in the wake of Young Dolph‘s murder … standing outside the Memphis restaurant owned by Yo Gotti, one of Dolph’s rivals.

Dolph was gunned down Wednesday outside a Memphis cookie store, and just a couple hours later, swarms of police cars were stationed outside Prive restaurant — about 10 miles from where Dolph was killed.

It’s currently unclear if there was an actual threat made against the restaurant, or if cops are just being proactive in preventing any possible payback. Dolph’s killer is also unknown at this time, and there have been no public connections to Yo Gotti surrounding his murder.

A source at the cookie store where Dolph was shot told us a vehicle pulled up and opened fire, striking and killing the rapper.

As for their beef, the feud between Young Dolph and Yo Gotti has been percolating for years, including a tweet Dolph rattled off in 2016 saying, “Bra went from bein my #1 fan and wanting to sign me to bein my BIGGEST HATER.” He also referred to Yo Gotti as “lame” multiple times during an interview with “The Breakfast Club.”

Dolph’s attorney and friend, Scott Hall, told us the rapper was scheduled to hand out turkeys Wednesday and stopped at the cookie store where he was killed before the charity event.

Dolph leaves behind two kids and was only 36.

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