Prince Royce Tests Positive for Coronavirus, Sends Safety Message to Fans

Prince Royce has revealed that he tested positive for coronavirus.

The 31-year-old singer took to Twitter to share a message with fans and encourage them to focus on their safety during July 4th weekend.

“I never thought I would’ve had to do this video,” Royce said. “I’m in shock, I didn’t think it was gonna happen to me. I thought that taking precautions by washing my hands and wearing a mask was gonna be enough and it was not.”

“I know Fourth of July is coming up, I know we’ve been stuck, we wanna go out, we think that it’s not gonna happen to us, and it’s real,” he continued. “I just want to try to encourage my community, my youth, to take care of yourselves, to be mindful of others.”

Royce said that he’s fortunate because his symptoms weren’t that bad, but not everyone will be that lucky.

“Some of you guys might not be having symptoms, you guys might be spreading this around,” he said in the video. “Not everyone’s gonna take this lightly. I’m fortunate that it didn’t hit me as hard, I’m feeling better now…I’m hoping to come out negative in the next week or so.”

On Instagram he added, “This holiday weekend please maintain social distancing, use masks, if you don’t have to leave home to work or get together with others, don’t do it. For younger people, this is more than just about taking care of ourselves, it is about taking care of others, older people and those with compromised immune systems. Please let’s take this seriously and act responsibly and with compassion. Let’s all take care of each other.”

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