Prince William and Kate Middleton could break tradition with school George attends

Prince William and Kate Middleton could break Royal tradition by sending their eldest son, Prince George, to Marlborough College in Wiltshire, which is Kate's old school, instead of Eton. The couple recently visited the school, which costs £47,000 a year, sparking rumours that George might be enrolled there.

It's thought that Kate isn't keen on single-sex schools like Eton because she didn't enjoy her time at an all-girls boarding school. Kate was reportedly bullied at her single-sex school but thrived at Marlborough, where she excelled academically and athletically.

It seems she wants George to have the same positive experience she did. No final decision has been made about which school George will attend, according to the Daily Mail but it's confirmed that William and Kate visited Marlborough with George on December 1.

Currently, George is studying at Lambrook prep school, where his siblings, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, also attend. The school only goes up till the age of 13, so he's expected to leave around 2026.

Attending Marlborough wouldn't be a first for the Royals as Princess Eugenie also went there. If George joins Marlborough, which is a mixed-sex school, it's quite likely that Charlotte and Louis would too.

Now the idea of a grand Marlborough tour follows some fiery discussions within the Royal Household about whether George should go there – The Mirror reportedly got wind of these "heated debates".

A palace insider thinks Eton might not be off the cards for Royal registrations, spilling: "After years of discussion and heated debates between William, Kate and King Charles, the family have made a choice. They’ve decided that he and sister Charlotte will attend boarding school together.. They’ll both be students at Marlborough. This way, George and Charlotte will have a few years where they’ll overlap at the same school."

OK! has contacted Buckingham Palace for comment.

Away from school, the children have some sweet nicknames when they're at home with their Royal parents. According to MyLondon, William reportedly calls Charlotte 'Mignonette', which means "small and delicate" in French.

It's also been said that Kate calls her only daughter "Lottie", a fact she revealed to a Royal fan in Ireland a few years ago. The best is yet to come, however, with the parents apparently giving their eldest child, a very cheeky but memorable moniker!

According to reports, George's name is shortened to PG and even "Tips", in a nod to the British family-favourite tea brand. Then there's the couple's youngest child, Louis but there's no sure way yet to know what nickname Kate and William use for their 'baby', but many fans have started calling him "Boss Baby".

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