‘Prince William and Kate move to modernise the monarchy – with personal new approach’

While last week proved to be the first time in many weeks that the public saw the Duke and Duchess of Sussex together at the Invictus Games following weeks of speculation about their marriage, the Prince and Princess of Wales also delighted royal fans with their antics during a joint engagement in Hereford.

The visit on Thursday provided ample opportunities for the couple to share in their specialist interests of early years development, mental health and the environment.

They visited the British Army garrison Sterling Lines in Hereford and met with SAS families, before travelling onto Madley Primary School’s Forest School and an organisation called We Are Farming Minds, both of which are partners of The Duchy of Cornwall.

The royal couple – who recently left little doubt that they intend to secure their future as a forward-thinking, savvy brand by advertising for a CEO – enjoyed interesting activities during the day.

They met Duchy tenants, trying their hand at whittling and even making apple, cinnamon and sugar skewers to toast on a fire which Kate revealed she was going to try with Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Commenting on their approach to working together former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond tells OK! “William and Catherine appear to have a very equal partnership. When William has gone along to support one of Catherine’s causes, he consciously holds back and lets her show her authority and expertise. And vice versa with William’s causes.”

Body language expert Darren Stanton agrees. He says the way they act in public gives an insight into what their future reign has in store. “Their day in Hereford showed how they’re willing to modernise the monarchy," he explains.

"We saw them in the thick of it, in the woods, working as a team towards a common goal, supporting each other. They’re not adverse to getting their hands dirty and getting stuck in. It’s a reflection of the type of monarchs they’ll be. The fact they make themselves so approachable to the general public reflects their openness and desire to be seen as relatable.

“We’ve seen a more personal side to William too during recent engagements. He isn’t afraid to have a laugh and a joke, even at his own expense, and seems to genuinely enjoy interacting with others. Kate always displays authentic emotion and rarely tries to mask her feelings. She clearly enjoys connecting with people, much like Diana used to.

“William is quite happy to let Kate take the lead and doesn’t come over quite as protective as Harry does towards Meghan. But interestingly, the same look of pride that Meghan showed towards Harry at the Games could be seen on William’s face as he watched as Kate spoke to a group of children during their day out. He has complete confidence in Kate and is immensely proud of her.

In a week which saw the two couples both raising the profile of their top charitable causes, Jennie notes how it was “a clever move” by the Wales’ camp to arrange an engagement that combined mutual causes.

“I always remember Diana repeatedly telling me that she and Charles ‘would have made such a great team’. She would be proud that William and Catherine are exactly that. There seems no jealousy between them, they instinctively know when to stand back and let the other lead. The dates for the Invictus games have obviously been in the diary for more than a year, and the Waleses diary is also worked out months in advance.

"But it would probably be naïve to think that William and Catherine’s advisors ignored the fact that Harry and Meghan would be very prominent this week.”

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