Princess Charlene returned to Monaco after four months of treatment in Switzerland

Princess Charlene spent the better part of six months in South Africa last year, dealing with what sounded like a very rough ENT infection. There were rumors that other things were happening, of course, like a possible separation between Charlene and Prince Albert, and reports that Charlene was buying real estate in South Africa to live there permanently. Finally, around November 8th, Charlene returned to Monaco. Quickly, people saw that she was still physically unwell, and less than two weeks later, Albert told the world that Charlene was seeking treatment somewhere in Europe. Albert made it sound like he and the Wittstock family did some kind of intervention, and there were mixed reports about just what was still happening to Charlene. So, she was sent away and we only got a handful of vague updates over the past four months. Now it seems that Charlene is back home in Monaco?

Monaco’s Princess Charlene is back in Monaco. The 44-year-old royal mother returned to the principality and reunited with her family earlier this week, PEOPLE has exclusively learned.

A statement issued by the palace late Saturday afternoon confirmed that the mother of twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella has returned home and will continue her “convalescence in the Principality with her husband and her children by her side.”

Charlene has been receiving care in a Swiss clinic since November. Her return to Monaco after four months, in consultation with her physicians, is a result of her “encouraging recovery,” according to the palace communication sent to PEOPLE.

The Princess is expected to resume her official duties gradually and only after several weeks of continuing care and repose. The Palace statement indicates that her return to public appearances and commitments will occur “as soon as her health is strong enough. The communique restates the Princess looks forward to once again spending time and socializing with the Monegasques.”

As with previous announcements concerning the Princess’ health, the palace communication includes a request for continued respect for family privacy (It also notes that Charlene and Albert “have the joy of sharing the following information”).

The Princess, the press statement concludes, “still needs peace and calm, The Princely Couple therefore asks that their private life and family environment continue to be respected.”

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It sounds… okay. It sounds like she’s doing better but she’s not ready to undertake duties or make public appearances. Which is to be expected, and honestly… pre-2021, it’s not like Charlene was working constantly anyway. We usually only saw her once every few months. I wonder if she’s at the Prince’s Palace or Roc Agel, the “country home”? I wonder if we’ll see her any time soon? Hm. I hope she gets to spend some time with the kids.

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