Princess Madeleine will move back to Sweden after five years of Florida living

Sweden’s Princess Madeleine married Christopher O’Neill in 2013. In the past ten years, they’ve lived in London, New York, Stockholm and Florida. They actually moved to Florida full-time in 2018, where they raised their three kids in total privacy. Seriously, we only see the O’Neill kids when they attend official events in Sweden or when Madeleine posts photos on her social media. In 2019, King Carl Gustav announced that Madeleine’s kids and Prince Carl Philip’s kids would no longer be “royal” – they would not carry the Swedish version of “HRH” and they were no longer considered part of the “royal house.” It wasn’t shocking for Madeleine’s kids, given that she was already raising them outside of the royal system. It was shocking for Carl Philip’s kids, given that CP is the king’s only son and CP has always lived in Sweden. Anyway, I have no idea if this is related, but it turns out that Madeleine and Christopher are moving back to Sweden?

Princess Madeleine of Sweden will return to her home country after living in Florida since 2018, the Swedish palace announced on Tuesday. “HRH Princess Madeleine and Mr Christopher O’Neill, together with their children, will move to Stockholm in August 2023,” they said in a statement, adding that they’ll relocate to Sweden “indefinitely.” They will reside in an apartment at Stockholm’s Royal Stables.

Their two eldest children, 9-year-old Princess Leonore and 7-year-old Prince Nicolas, will begin elementary school in Stockholm in the fall, while 4-year-old Princess Adrienne will start preschool. Princess Madeleine documented her family’s life in America on Instagram, from celebrating Halloween in costume to exploring Florida’s beaches.

Princess Madeleine and her family were familiar with the United States before their permanent move to Florida in 2018. On top of having a summer home in Florida, they previously lived in New York City. Madeleine moved to the Big Apple in 2010, where she began working for mother Queen Silvia’s World Childhood Foundation as a projects manager. The couple lived in New York during the early years of their marriage, even welcoming their first child, Princess Leonore, at a private hospital stateside.

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Christopher’s job is “financier” which I assume means that he’s rich from a combination of family money and good business sense. Certain kinds of jobs can be done anywhere, and given their travels, I think O’Neill can probably manage his portfolio wherever he chooses. So why leave Florida? Perhaps Christopher and Madeleine were simply tired of living there. I’m exhausted from hearing about Florida these days – Ron DeSantis has made the state Ground Zero of the GOP’s culture wars. DeSantis is less than a year away from holding public book burnings and creating LGBTQ+ gulags. That’s my big theory: the real-world political climate in Florida was driving Madeleine and Christopher crazy. Or maybe it’s something else, who knows.

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