Real Housewives Of New Jersey Star Danielle Cabral Gives Fans Closeup Look At Her Tummy Tuck Results!

Danielle Cabral is feeling herself following her recent cosmetic procedure!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star revealed on social media she got a tummy tuck this year after years of feeling “insecure” about the “wrinkly” excess skin on her stomach. Danielle explained she tried everything she could to get rid of the excess skin, including changing her diet and working out. When she felt she had exhausted her options, she turned to the cosmetic procedure. She wrote on Instagram:

“After 2 C-sections, healthy dieting and INSANE workouts, there was nothing left that I could do to get rid of my excess skin. There wasn’t a magical pill (I wish) I could take for it to disappear. It wasn’t going anywhere unless I had the medical procedure known as a ‘tummy tuck.’ I would like to emphasize that I put in countless amounts of work and my body was in the best shape right before I had this procedure. Simply put, there was nothing left to do.”

Danielle took fans through her tummy tuck journey in a video posted on YouTube. And by the massive grin on her face when she reached four weeks post-op, it’s safe to say she was beyond thrilled with the results! You can see (below):


Of course, there were plenty of fans praising Danielle for being open about her tummy tuck. But other people did not hesitate to call out the 38-year-old reality star! Why? She slammed those using the diabetes drug Ozempic for more superficial weight loss when there is a limited supply for those who actually need it! Danielle said on PageSix’s Virtual Reali-Tea podcast last week:

“I was with somebody today, a very dear friend of mine, who actually needs for medical reasons, and cannot get it because of this stupid, bull s**t behavior. But she can’t get it, she can’t get it… run on a f**king treadmill.”

Some fans didn’t appreciate those comments! So when Danielle revealed her tummy tuck, many people in the comments section on Instagram blasted her hypocrisy. One person wrote:

“Maybe someone like yourself who shamed the Ozempic use as the easy way out should also apply that to yourself. If it makes you feel good and makes you happy, that’s what matters. So if it applies to you, it should apply to all.”

However, Danielle didn’t sit back and take the criticism. She stood up for herself, writing in response:

“Never shamed ozempic if used the right way. The issue for myself is there is no easy way out. That’s where my comment came from. Eating whatever you want, taking a pill and dropping a ton of weight is just not normal. If you eat unhealthy then your body will be unhealthy. That’s all.”

Two other social media users shamed her for getting a tummy tuck, even using her own comment against her and telling her to run on a treadmill instead. Danielle fired back that she ran “a lot” and “tried everything” to decrease the excess skin on her stomach before going the surgical route. Another person then said:

“Ozempic not ok but plastic surgery is ok. Got it.”

To which the Bravolebrity clapped back:

“You missed my point. It was for ppl abusing it. Ozempic is great. Just can’t think of it as a miracle and the only solution. Gotta put in some work, too.”

Oof. Those Ozempic comments are coming back to haunt Danielle! You can watch her entire tummy tuck journey (below):

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