Regina King Shares Thoughts on Turning 50 Next Week!

Regina King will be celebrating a big birthday next week and she’s opening up about the milestone!

The Oscar and Emmy-winning actress will be turning 50 on January 15 and she chatted with British Vogue about reaching the age.

“I feel like I’m so much more interesting now, as a soon to be 50 year old woman, than I was at 25,” Regina said. “I can bring so much more to the table. I think that’s the same for all people. You may not have the stamina that you had at 25, but what you know now? So much better.”

Regina also talked about the Academy’s efforts to increase visibility of under-represented groups on screen and diversity among crews.

“I hope that it will encourage people to broaden their perspective and make for richer storytelling,” she said. “The Oscars, at the end of the day, were designed for promotion, and obviously I’m not taking away that it’s also to honor filmmakers and artists, but it was the intent with these awards shows to boost ticket sales.”

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