‘RHOP’ Star Candiace Dillard Reportedly Lying About Owning County Maryland Home

Even though the Bravo celebrity is currently living in the said home with her husband Chris, it’s revealed in documents that her mother, Dorothy, is the rightful owner of the house.

AceShowbiz -Despite claiming that she is the owner of the County Maryland home she has been living with her husband Chris, it appears Candiace Dillard is telling the opposite. MTO News has reported and gotten a receipt that revealed the reality TV star was lying about it as the home apparently belongs to her mother Dorothy.

In the documents obtained by the gossip site, Candiace and her husband only live in the house through a trust with “The Real Housewives of Potomac” star being given “power of attorney” over the property so that she could live there legally. However, Dorothy is still the rightful owner of the house in contrary to what her daughter claimed. Her mother additionally pays half the mortgage.

Candiace has yet to respond to this report.

Candiace’s complicated relationship with her mother was heavily documented in the latest season of “RHOP”, with things escalating between them when Dorothy hit her daughter in the face with her purse during a wedding ceremony. Talking about the infamous incident, Dorothy claimed that she could be disrespectful at times with her mouth. Candiace, on the other hand, felt the same way.

Detailing the incident, Candiace said, “We were waiting for our car in the lobby of the hotel. And we started a conversation we shouldn’t have started about her preferences on the way that I speak to her versus my preferences on how she speaks to me.” She added, “So she says something to me to the effect of you are disrespectful to me. I say I also feel disrespected by you sometimes. And I made another snarky comment that I cannot repeat because it delves too deep into her personal stuff.”

For her part, Dorothy portrayed the incident as an accident that happened when her daughter’s forehead got in the way when she just happened to widely fling her purse in a “bye girl” gesture. She also said that she just got tired of Candiace’s behavior and whining.

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