Richard Ayoade wife: Is Richard Ayoade married?

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Richard Ayoade is best known for playing socially awkward IT technician Maurice Moss in the popular Channel 4 sitcom IT Crowd. Tonight Richard is back on our screens for his travel show, Travel Man’s Greatest Trips: Food and Drink, where he looks at some his greatest trips as well as the best food and drinks.

Is Richard Ayoade married?

Richard is married to actress and producer Lydia Fox.

Lydia studied at Newnham College at the University of Cambridge.

During her studies, she landed the role of Juliet in a Marlowe Society production of Romeo and Juliet alongside Tom Hiddleston, who performed on the part of Romeo.

Richard Ayoade wife: Who is wife Lydia Fox? Do they have children?

The pair tied the knot back in 2007, but not much is known of their relationship.

Richard and Lydia are reported to have met at a Cambridge theatre performance.

Richard was performing with Lydia a member of the audience.

The pair have three children together, but their names have not been revealed.

Richard has previously spoken of how he feels awkward when being interviewed.

Talking to the Guardian in 2014, Richard said: “Because the elephant in the room of any interview is ‘consume this product’.

“That’s a very funny subtext to anything. You might as well just go, ‘by the way, it’s out Monday’.”

He added: “So, I guess the underlying current of interviews is,

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“‘Think I’m a nice person, here’s my product. Allow me to be self-aggrandising in a self-deprecating way'”

In 2014, while talking on BBC News, Richard spoke candidly of why the dynamic of interviews is strange to him.

The IT Crowd actor said: “I mean I often feel awkward in life, so Interviews have become a subset of my existence.

“It would be sociopathic for it to be a regular thing for you to do an interview.

“I always feel instantly that this is a strange dynamic, I should be asking How you are? How was your journey? Are you all right?.

“The one-sidedness of it seems against every part of one’s upbringing.”

Travel Man’s Greatest Trips: Food and Drink will air tonight on Channel 4 at 8pm.

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