Ring Camera Shows Moment Cops Realize They're Evicting The Wrong Family: 'Oh S**t'

This isn’t exactly what we’d call stellar direct-to-door service.

A Ring camera seemed to have saved a Florida woman and her mother from a chaotic scene, as the live footage tipped her off to two police deputies attempting to pry open the front door.

Jennifer Michele uploaded her security camera footage to TikTok on Friday, showing two officers from the Pasco Police Department and a rep from Invitation Homes pounding on her mother’s front door. The group of officials were trying to evict the family from the home — only they made a tiny oopsie: Florida’s finest pulled up at the wrong house!

Michele — who was visiting her mom’s place 15 minutes away from her Land O’ Lakes home — was understandably shocked when she noticed the commotion on the front porch. She turned on the Ring and asked the trio, who were already drilling away at her front door knob:

“Hello? What are you doing?”

They replied:

“We’re here to finalize the eviction.”

Stunned, she asked:

“What eviction?!”

The officials told her the notice was posted a week ago, to which Michele exclaimed she’s “all paid up on my bills” before warning them that she had dogs inside the house.

At that point, one of the cops asked her name. When she told him, someone could be heard saying:

“Oh, s**t … oh, dammit.”

“Oh s**t” is right!

As the three men started to connect the dots, Michele added:

“I am caught up on my bills, nobody has served me an eviction notice. What the hell is going on?!”

That’s when the men, who had already pried off the lock on the front door, said:

“We do apologize, we have the wrong house. It’s the next door neighbors.”

The officers then told Michele they’d have to repair the door knob for her. For what it’s worth, they made good on their promise: Michele told the Tampa Bay Times they did fix it “right away” and went so far as to bring lunch for her family.

Michele told the outlet she isn’t angry, as “people make mistakes,” but noted that she was “very grateful that I have that Ring device because I was able to catch the situation.” She explained to WTSP:

“If I didn’t have my Ring, all of my stuff would have been put out on my driveway. If I was out of town, would they have gotten rid of my stuff? Would they have taken my dogs to animal control? I have no idea.”

On TikTok, she explained she only shared the video because she thought it was funny and that pressing charges “didn’t even cross my mind.”

Thankfully, this panned out the way it did — or it might not have been a laughing matter! See it all go down for yourself (below).

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