Royal fans slam ‘disrespectful’ behaviour as Queen’s coffin passes by crowds of mourners

As the country came together on Monday to mark the world's final farewell to The Queen, many royal fans were left reeling after a series of “disrespectful and inappropriate” actions from the public during one of the processions.

Tens of thousands of people had lined the streets of London to mark the historic occasion as Britain’s longest reigning monarch was laid to rest following a moving and gran state funeral.

And while many mourners had observed the typical etiquette expected of a funeral and shared their grief quietly as the coffin passed, several others had clapped and cheered – a move which some attendees felt was wholly disrespectful to the late monarch.

At one point, there were cries of “hip hip hooray” as the coffin passed, with flowers thrown at the state hearse as it was driven from London to Windsor, where the burial will take place.

While some could argue it was a fitting way to honour the Queen’s life, others felt it undermined the sanctity of her funeral and took to social media to voice their displeasure at the “inappropriate” display.

"Not sure about the shouts of 'hip hip hooray' to mark the Queen's funeral," one wrote.

"Why are they chanting Hip hip hooray it's a funeral not a royal wedding?" another added.

A third commented: ”Whooping, clapping and singing hip hip hooray at the funeral procession… I just dont get it!”

"Imagine going the Queen's funeral, standing there all day and you scream 'hip hip hooray'… embarrassing," someone else lamented.

“Cheering and clapping at the hearse as it drives past seems so inappropriate to me, it should be a sombre silent moment, it's a funeral not a wedding," another added.

Not everyone was against the actions of the people taking part in the cheers however, with some keen to argue that it was a more fitting way to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s life and legacy than to focus solely on her death.

"The most touching of Queen Elizabeth's funeral has been the people cheering as they line the route to her final resting place," one insisted.

"She was The People's Queen. May she rest in eternal peace."

It wasn’t just cheers that drew ire from the public on Monday, as several other mourners also took umbrage with attendees turning the occasion into a social media spectacle by taking selfies as the coffin passed them by.

"I’m not a Royalist, I don’t believe in subservience or servility, but unlike many of those lining the streets, I would never be so crass or disrespectful to take photos of a funeral," one person wrote.

"Put your phone away. Have some respect. Today is not all about you and your social media content.”


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