Royals ‘banned’ Meghan Markle from saying slang word on Suits, show creator claims

In the six years since Meghan Markle filmed her final episode of Suits her life has changed dramatically.

But while Meghan has left the world of acting behind her, her time on TV still looms large in the memories of those she worked with. They include showrunner Aaron Korsh, 56, who created the hit legal drama Suits in which Meghan starred as Rachel Zane.

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Aaron explained how he was "a little [irritated]" when the royal family "weighed in on some stuff" – including what the Duchess of Sussex's character was allowed to say onscreen in episodes filmed after she and Prince Harry began dating.

As an example he cited a word he had deliberately added to the script as a tribute to his in-laws, but which was vetoed by the royals who were said to be worried about malicious editing.

"[The royal family] weighed in on some stuff. Not many things, by the way, but a few things that we wanted to do and couldn’t do, and it was a little irritating," Aaron explained.

"I remember one was a particular line of dialogue and, look, I’ll just say what the line was. My wife’s family, when they have a topic to discuss that might be sensitive, they use the word "poppycock." As a nod to my in-laws, we were going to have [Meghan's character] say "poppycock." And the royal family did not want her saying the word.

"They didn’t want to put the word "poppycock" in her mouth. I presume because they didn’t want people cutting things together of her saying "c**k."'

Aaron could not recall who in the royal family made the ruling, or how the team had access to the scripts.

While he was unhappy, ultimately he changed poppycock, slang for nonsense, to "bulls**t."

The account adds further details to claims first made by Prince Harry in his tell-all book Spare, in which he said Suits writers were "frustrated" with changes made on the advise of the palace communications team.

Prince Harry is set for a brief solo trip to the UK without Meghan this week to attend the WellChild awards in London on September 7, before he heads to the Invictus Games in Germany, where the duchess will join him later.

He is not said to be meeting his father the King, who is reported to have no time in his diary, or his brother the Prince of Wales, amid their continued troubled relationship, which Harry laid bare in his Netflix documentary and Spare memoir.

Harry’s visit falls on the eve of the first anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s death and the King’s accession on September 8.

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