Rydel Lynch Expecting Baby No 3 with Hubby Capron Funk!

Rydel Lynch is already pregnant with her next child!

The 29-year-old singer revealed that her and her husband Capron Funk are expecting baby number three, just months after welcoming their second child, daughter Sweetie.

Rydel actually found out right after Christmas, but is sharing the news now, just over two months later.

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“teehee 🤭 I’M PREGNANT!! BABY FUNK #3,” she titled a YouTube video released over the weekend.

On Instagram, she captioned a shortened version of the video of her finding out, with the date, December 27, 2022.

After reading the positive pregnancy test, Rydel started laughing, and said she didn’t know why she was laughing. Then she noted she had to tell Capron.

Rydel put the test in his stocking and said his second Christmas present just arrived, and called him to come get it.

“Oh my gosh, that was way too fast,” he said, in disbelief. “Nice. Wow, that is scary fast. I knew it was happening, man. Well done… Awesome, I’m stoked!”

Rydel and Capron are already parents to two children, 7-month-old Sweetie and almost two-year-old Super.


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