Rylan Clark hits back at concerns hes suffering breakdown number 2 after bizarre tweets

The One Show: Alex Jones asks Rylan Clark about his health

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Rylan Clark has previously opened up about his mental health, having candidly told the world that in the aftermath of his breakup with husband Dan, he was “a danger to myself”. Therefore, fans were instantly on high alert after seeing a series of odd tweets which left some wondering if he’d been hacked – but all was not what it seemed.

I can feel my hips sliding all over Euroclub

Rylan Clark

“WHERE ARE YOU NOW WHEN I MISS YOU?” he wrote in capitalised text.

The next tweet was written in a different language, puzzling some fans who were not familiar with Spanish.

“Hola, mi bebé-bé, Hola, mi bebé-bé, Llámame, llámame,” it read.

Meanwhile readers were left to make their own interpretations of the cryptic-looking tweet: “INSTEAD OF MEAT I EAT VEGGIES AND P***Y.”

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Finally, Rylan launched into a tweet that included the words: “No one brings me down, I’m gonna take the crown. Give it to me now.”

Fans were even more on edge when he posted a looped video clip in which he appeared to be having a tearful meltdown.

However the real reason for his unusual string of messages quickly emerged.

“For those fearing this is breakdown number 2, listening to all the Eurovision entries and there is BANGERS [sic],” he enthused.

“I can feel my hips sliding all over Euroclub in May.

“I will be most certainly living my best life. They’re so good @eurovision.”

@RachaelN92x had a light-bulb moment about what his previous tweets had been referring to, exclaiming: “Now it makes sense!”

Some of his 1.6 million followers finally made the connection that the tweets were song lyrics.

Meanwhile author @heidistephens told the TV star: “Can’t wait to join you on that dancefloor. I have zero moves but it has to be done.”

@charlottesayshi teased: “I’m waiting for the headlines tbh!” (sic)

“You’re gonna have the best time! And you deserve it.”

The usually buoyant TV presenter took quite a blow when he separated from his husband of six years.

He admitted to turmoil in his personal life when he discovered that he and Dan had different goals and ambitions for their futures.

They were said to have clashed over thoughts on career pressures and having children.

The experience of separating from someone he had hoped would be a life partner left him dangerously thin and requiring hospital treatment.

However fans will now be delighted to learn of his more buoyant mood, inspired by the sound therapy he is receiving from Eurovision tracks.

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