Saweetie Under Fire for Saying Men Should Buy Their Partners Birkin Bags

The ‘Icy Girl’ rapper makes the comment in a video posted on Instagram, ‘If he not get you a Birkin, if he not pay for your bills, you’d better throw that n***a back to the streets, okay?’

AceShowbizSaweetie found her name trending on Twitter on Friday, October 23, but it was not for a good thing. The rapper caught backlash for telling women to dump their partners if they don’t buy them a Birkin bag or pay for their bills.

Saweetie made the comment in a video posted on Instagram. “If he not get you a Birkin, if he not pay for your bills, you’d better throw that n***a back to the streets, okay?” the “Icy Girl” rapper said, before walking away from the camera and letting her boyfriend Quavo take the spotlight.

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Her comment soon sparked debate among social media users, with many attacking her as they pointed out that not everyone could afford a Birkin in the first place. “Nobody should aspire to own a $20,000 handbag and a man’s value isn’t dependent on his ability to afford one,” podcast host Adam22 gave his two cents. “But can YOU buy YOU a Birkin? Can YOU afford the lifestyle you are trying to live? Are you looking for a sponsor or a partner?…,” one argued.

Meanwhile, another person had this to say, “If a man gotta buy you something or pay for something to be with you… you’re a prostitute.” There was also an individual who wrote, “Keep taking these celebrities advice n you gon end up sad n single.” On the other hand, one more person chimed in, “It’s crazy how materialistic dating has become in the middle of this pandemic.”

Someone else apparently has had enough as s/he believed that people like Saweetie influence others in a bad way. “birkin bag over paid college tuition? birkin bag over property? birkin bag over stocks to a company? birkin bag over a car? … these rapping b***hes got y’all priorities f**ked up,” so the person said.

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