Sen. Mitch McConnell Freezes Again During News Conference

Senator Mitch McConnell froze yet again mid-sentence while addressing the media — marking a second frightening episode like this that he’s suffered in public.

The Kentucky legislator was talking to reporters Wednesday in Covington, KY, addressing a Chamber of Commerce matter and seemingly doing fine … that is, until he wasn’t. When a reporter asked him about running for reelection, he took a long pause.

Much like he did a month ago on Capitol Hill … Sen. McConnell just stood there quietly, and appeared to zone out. Eventually, one of his aides stepped in and asked if he heard the question … but he didn’t even respond to her, only staring out into space and remaining frozen.

The aide asked the media for a moment of privacy, and that’s where the video cuts out.

Obviously, this is deja vu — and many suspect he might have experienced a medical episode … although, the first incident was never officially described as such by his team. Now, there are almost certainly going to be even more questions and scrutiny over his health.

Remember, Sen. McConnell also suffered a nasty fall earlier this year that saw him hospitalized for a time. At the moment, he’s the top-ranking Republican in the Senate.

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