Sharon Stone, 63, sizzles in plunging leotard as she shares Princess Diana comparison

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Hollywood actress Sharon Stone has stunned in a plunging leotard leaving little to the imagination while comparing herself to the late Princess Diana. The Basic Instinct star, 63, told how she and the late Princess of Wales had something in common while opening up to Rake magazine in a new interview.

We got famous in the same generation

Sharon Stone

The star also featured in a series of stunning snaps taken by photographer Eric Michael Roy.

In a black and white shot, the blonde-haired beauty stood in only a pair of thigh-high shiny black boots and a plunging black leotard which only just covered her breasts.

The Casino actress posed coyly towards a naked man who seemingly had been painting the star on a canvas as they stared at each other.

Another picture shows the two staring into each other’s eyes as the male model played with Sharon’s earring as she tantalisingly looked into his eyes.

In a colour photo, Sharon sat on top of a top while draping herself over the model’s body.

Putting her incredible pins on display, the mother-of-three gazed wistfully at a canvas while wearing a navy blue jacket.

Another picture showcased the actress sitting on top of a wooden stool while wearing very little.

Donning a blue coat, Sharon laughed as she covered her face with her hands.

She let her fishnet-clad legs dangle to the floor while wearing a pair of patent leather heels.

Speaking about the late member of the royal family, who was once regarded as the most famous woman in the world, Sharon drew comparisons between their experiences.

The actress said: “We got famous in the same generation.

“Anywhere one would go who was famous, like Diana, or me at that moment, is that hundreds if not thousands of people would show up everywhere you went.”

The Hollywood star went on to reveal that at one point she couldn’t even dine peacefully without being hounded by fans.

She explained: “So if I went to a restaurant, for example, by the time I was into the entrée, there would be hundreds of people outside the restaurant.”

Sharon revealed that it would take her security team to get her safely out of the building.

She said: “Then it would take, like, an army of bodyguards to get me to the car to the point where this army of bodyguards is holding people back.

“I would have to let everybody else go for their own safety and be last so that I knew that no one was going to get hurt, and by the time I went I would have to dive headfirst through the small hole that was remaining to get into a car, and sometimes the bodyguard had to climb in through the window so as not to be sucked into a violent crowd,” she added.

Horrifically, the star revealed that the fans would damage the cars, including “pulling the bumpers off” as well as the “license plates”.

She recalled a moment where she prayed that the car “wouldn’t cave in” as her friends and security team lay on top of her.

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